Frequently Asked Questions

* How long has Swim Buoy been in business?

Swim Buoy started in June of 1955 – over 50 years of business!

Most local YMCA uses the Swim Buoy in their Swim Classes.

* How can I purchase one?

For the courtesy of our customers that are not close to a place where you can purchase the Swim Buoy, you can purchase directly online on this website. Our credit card process is a secure one and I believe it is easy to use.

* Why can’t I find the Swim Buoy in there retail stores in my area?

Most of our business is through YMCA’S and Swim schools. We do sell to many retail stores but not enough...

* I have heard that this product pushes the child forward. Is this true?

Yes, it places them into a swimming position. While learning to balance upright will keep their head out of the water. The Swim Buoy is a teaching aid. The parent/teacher will need to get in the pool with the child, hold each hand and ask the child to kick. (or run) then slowly remove each hand. The child will build strength and start moving his/her arms which is the basic first stroke, the “doggie paddle”.

* What size Swim Buoy does my child need?

The Swim Buoy has an elastic and adjustable belt so it is easily adjusted to fit most children up to 32" – One size fits all! We do provide the "Extender" for larger waist lines that give you another 9".

* What is the best age to use your product?

The best age to start using the Swim Buoy is age 3, but many start at 2 or younger.

* I have a 12 year old autistic child. Can they be taught to use this product and will it hold her up?

Absolutely! She will feel very comfortable that she has nothing on her arms and a big tube around her waist. She will love it! Adult must be present at all times.

* What is the difference between those bathing suit insert swim aids and your product?

The Bathing suit inserts are a floating device and will not help the child learn to swim. Our “bubble can be deflated and inflated at all times.

* What makes your product better?

The Swim Buoy is a teaching aid. It is soft, comfortable to the child with a safety valve that can only be deflated with a special sport needle. You can deflate the bubble as your child’s strength and confidence builds. It also allows the child complete freedom of arms and legs.

* I am looking for a product to have as a safety net for my child so I don’t have to be there watching him swim constantly. Can your product ease my worries?

NO! Sorry, there is no such product. This is not a flotation device. With any swim product, your child needs to be supervised at all times while in or around water.

* My child is doing great with your Swim Buoy. Now what?

Sounds like your child is ready to swim. Enclosed with your Swim Buoy came an inflating/deflating sport needle (the same as you would use on a football, basketball). Simply place the needle into the valve and slowly release air from the bubble. In a few days, your child will have the bubble on his back and completely independent from it. (It will have no air left) AWESOME IDEA!

The Swim Buoy

The Bladder – made of soft, tough plastic with two layers, for extra strength

The Buckles – Made by NEXEL – Tough plastic. We also have a slide with the buckle so you can adjust the belt to be snug.

The Elastic – Is soft and strong – will easily move with the child and will not cut into their skin.

The Eyelets – Made of Rustproof Brass – an extra reinforcement is also ironed on the fabric for extra strength.

Deflation – The valve that is used for the deflation and inflation can only be adjusted by a special sport needle that we include with your Swim Buoy.

Fabric - Is made of a tough, but soft, durable fabric. We use extra tough fabric on the areas that have extra wear.