"SWIM-BUOY" How to Teach your Children to Swim

Congratulations! You have just bought your child the swimming aid that has been proven over and over again by many YMCA's and swim schools for over 50 years. We know you will have many sunny days watching your children have fun with this wonderful "bubble".

We would like to offer a few suggestion's on how to get the most from this swimming aid.

Your Swim Buoy will either come deflated or inflated. If you received the Swim Buoy deflated, all you need is a bicycle pump and our inflating needle (which we include) and you can then easily inflate the ball. Inflate the "bubble".

1. Place the Swim Buoy on the back with the straps just under the chest, valve facing out. Important if the child is just start out place the Swim-buoy higher if the child is a great swimmer and just need some help place the Swim-buoy lower..

2. Fasten the safety nautical belt.

3. Start off by bringing your child into the water while holding their hands. While at arms length, instruct them to kick.

4. When teaching young children, it is advisable to let their arms rest in your hands while explaining how to kick.

5. While standing in the water nearby, talk to the child. Let them do what comes naturally (the dogie paddle).

6. As the child progresses, gradually release air from the safety valve. they will build confidence and strength in no time.

***7. Please rinse the "Swim Buoy" after each use for longer life. Chlorine can affect the structure of "The Bubble". DO NOT leave the inflating needle inserted in the Swim-buoy for any length of time, it will cause the Swim buoy to leak.

Remember...this is supposed to be FUN. Take your time teaching the child how to kick and use his/her arms. Spend time with your child. Make sure swimming is an exciting and fun lifelong activity.

****Be sure not to EVER leave children unsupervised!!!!! The Swim-buoy is NOT a life-saving device. It is designed to help your child learn to swim****

If you have any question please call our toll free customer support number