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What they say about the Swim-buoy...YMCA's and Swim-Schools
******* The Swim Buoy is an inflatable instructional device that can either be strapped to the back or front of the child's body depending upon which skills are being taught. We have used this device since 1990 and like the fact that it can be easily deflated or re-inflated according to the child's ability. Be aware that this is an instructional device and must be used one on one with a child who is unfamiliar with it's dynamics. We have had success with training children as young as 18 months using the Swim Buoy, to bicycle kick in a vertical position without assistance. As with any device of this kind, parents must be strongly cautioned about its' use without proper guidance. These devices are generally used only in pools that are too deep for young children to stand up. I will say that a number of our instructors who have never used instructional flotation before have complemented the way it allows for more independent skills practice.

Maura Albright - Aquatic Coordinator

****** Oswego YMCA Dear Swim Buoy, We have been using Swim Buoys with our Swim Buoy with our swim lesson groups for years. The cloth fabric is so much more comfortable against a child skin than any other flotation devise we have tried. The kids respond so well to wearing them and the ability to decrease the air in them, a little at a time, help us gradually release the dependency on a flotation devise. Parents and Grandparents alike are eager to purchase a Swim Buoy to have the consistency and security when they engage in water activities with their little ones in their own pool. Swim Buoys are light weight, easy to clean and carry... speaking as an instructor and a parent this is an excellent , comfortable, durable, cost effective product. It's a little like Christmas around here when the Swim Buoys arrives. We are always excited and pleased to see the new fabric design each season. We have never been disappointed in all the years (well over14) we have been ordering. There are a a lot of different flotation devises out there and we use many of them but the most popular and our favorite when working with small children (6 months to 6 years) is the Swim Buoy.

Sincerely, Joyce Fisher - Aquatic Director

****** “The Swim Buoy has been a reliable product for the Newport County YMCA for many years. The Swim Buoy bubbles have helped many children learn to swim by giving them the added confidence they need to get them started. Swim Buoy is an excellent teaching tool!” Karin Clancey - Aquatic Director - YMCA Newport, RI

****** "At Benton Harbor YMCA, we use the Swim Buoy "bubbles" for our infant, pikes and also our eel classes. Before we used your bubbles, we used the foam and also the Styrofoam bubbles. Neither of these bubbles help up tho constant use. The Swim-Buoy bubbles can be deflated as the swimwear improves. We have had great successes with these bubbles." Pam Soja - Aquatic Director - Ben Harbor, St. Joseph, MI

****** Body:I love the swimbuoy,my boy is small for his age and it works for him(3)He likes it because his arms are free and mommy will let go of him and let him swim around because i trust it!!