What you say about the Swim-Buoy

What you say about the Swim-Buoy
REVIEWS: What they say about the Swim-buoy 5 stars simple on and off!

*****By K from San Diego, CA on 8/2/2013 My biggest problem was having my little one (2 year old) sit still for long enough to get the floaties on him, and without a meltdown. This is product was my answer.

*****5 stars Great product! By Kim O. from Maryville, IL on 7/23/2013 My granddaughter loved it! It held her up great and the pattern choices are really nice.

****4 stars Swim Buoy Inflatable Swim Bubble By Elaine K. from CT on 7/18/2013 Bought for my grandaughter. Pros: She has the confidence with the bubble to be in the water over her head. No intrusive arm bands or life jacket to inpede learning how to swim. Able to use proper swimming technique as bubble hold her in correct position in the water. Cons: Not much, except the adjustable band could be slightly bigger to accomadate older children.

*****By Mary Ross from Jersey Shore, NJ on 6/15/2013 My son (2.5 yrs) was used to the stackable foam bubbles used at his swim lessons at the YMCA. During his lessons, he never let go of my hands, or jumped in the pool from his feet. After one day with this bubble, he felt confident to let go and swim on his own. He can swim the whole length of the pool with confidence. I cannot believe how far he has come. We have only had the bubble for 2 weeks. The summer has only just begun. I truly believe that this bubble will accelerate his swimming skills better than any other product.

*****By Mary from TN on 4/21/2013 I first found out about your product about 42 years ago in Florida. We were visiting and discovered the bubble for my 5 and 3 year old daughters. Then about two years after that we bought a house with a pool in the back yard. I started teaching swimming for 27 years using the bubble for the young children and the Red Cross instruction for older children. Every summer I would teach about 300 children. Since then I have taught my grandchildren. Recently a mother with 18 month twin boys wanted me to help her. I didn''t want to give her my last bubbles because I was saving them for my great grandchildren, so I went on line and found yours..I can''t begin to tell you how thrilled I was to find them!!! Please keep on making the bubbles. 5 stars awsome

*****By Ange from Cooperstown on 3/20/2013 This worked great for my four year old. The other things we have tried rubbed on his sides and gave him a rash. This stays and no rash! Love it. 3 stars Love the idea, wish the straps adjusted bigger

*****By Mami JK from Philadelphia, PA on 2/11/2013 I bought each of my twins a swim bubble before leaving for our vacation to Mexico. My boys are 8 and thin for their age. This was the only swim bubble I could find on the internet that said it was suitable for up to 100 lbs. Both my boys are less than 60 lbs. and the strap adjusted, but even on the biggest size, it was extremely tight and the boys could not wear them very long. If your kids are under 50 lbs., they might work a lot better. I love the idea of these, my boys had used similar ones at the YMCA when they were younger; I just wish she would have adjusted to a larger size. I don''t know that they will be able to use them very long, so while they are okay for up to 100 lbs., I think they''d be way too small for anyone of that weight. The patterns are fun and cute (we got the monkeys and whales) and the product is durable. 5 stars Awesome

*****By Janet from Herndon,VA on 2/3/2013 My 3 yr old niece loves the water and I take her for swimming lessons. I bought this so that we could practice between lessons and she loves it. She chases me back and forth the length of the YMCA pool, doing laps. Her swimming is really improving! Strongly recommend. 5 stars It''s great!

*****By Terri from Pocomoke, MD on 9/4/2012 My three year old grandson is so very close to being able to swim alone, the swim bubble is going to make it happen. 5 stars Great product!

*****By Jmc from Lakeland fl on 8/24/2012 My 3 year old used something similar to this at the YMCA during his swim camp and I could find it in any store. I was so happy to find it on your website! It works great and gives my son mobility and he's challenged more than he would be using floaties. 5 stars Swim buoy works for adults

*****By Gail from moyock, NC on 7/10/2012 I weigh 125 lb and I can float wonderfully with the swim buoy, however, I had to make the belt larger for an adult's waist. I love it! 5 stars Another Great "swimmy"

*****By N.Warter from Auburn,NY on 5/31/2012 Bought this one for my home pool for family or friends and it works great! My 4 yr s fearful of being in pool with it on and after a few hours of swim was doing well with it. Very supportive in keeping her up! Would recommend this too! 5 stars Magic Learn to swim back football!

*****By Ally from Philadelphia, PA on 4/27/2012 We bought this for our 3 y/o son's swimming lessons. It has really helped him "swim" in the right positions! 5 stars Swim Buoy

*****By Sharon C. from Randleman, NC on 9/13/2011 I got this swim bubble for my 5 year old grand-daughter. The resort we stayed at had lazy rivers and water slides and hot tubes and of course your regular pools. She had the time of her life. It gave her confidence, and gave us peace of mind. I would recommend everyone who has a young child who loves the water, but hasn't learned to swim yet to get the swim buoy.

*****Order: 1617 Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Good Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: I love the swimbuoy,my boy is small for his age and it works for him(3)He likes it because his arms are free and mommy will let go of him and let him swim around because i trust it!!

***** Outstanding learn-to-swim aid!!! By Ellen P. from Newton, MA on 8/25/2011 I've been using these swim bubbles for children 18mnths and up for over 30 years. Used properly, they encourage independent swimming at a very early age in a devopmentally appropriate manner. As muscles strengthen, air can be let out, and before long your toddler will be ready for the swim team!

***** LOVE IT!! By kristi from Grand Forks, ND on 6/10/2011 Absolutely love this swim bubble! Easy to use, very comfortable and my kids kept them on the whole time at the pool. Easy for them to do scoops in and kept them up! Plus, very cool patterns!

***** Exactly what we expected! By Ajune813 from Rollinsford, NH on 4/22/2011 We have used these for smin class but when it came to vacation we needed our own. It came in the mail in a timely manner. Love, love, love the product!