Hats, Goggles, Bags and Sun-Screen

Hats, Goggles, Bags and Sun-Screen
HAND BAGS ....from Sun'N'Sand Collection 2014 have arrived early.

We will start in 2014 adding Sun-Screen, Hats, and other products that will be good for our kids..

COMING SOON 2014........ (WAIT FOR IT!!)

SUN-SCREEN FOR KIDS.... My grand-daughter (Morgan) pick a great sun-screen that she loves and will tell you about it once we receive our shipment. Also my daughter-in-law (Kimberly) also has a spray on sun-screen that she puts on Jake and CJ that is good in water... so stay tune..

GOOGLES: We have found the ones that are good for our kids and last long and feel good on.. Coming soon

HATS: Have found a few great hats but our kids still do not like them... even when we tell them to keep the hats on...and then off they go... still looking... any ideas???

Sun-Glasses same as the hats... any ideas???